Rubbed Braised BBQ Chicken (get PDF)

   The heart of this recipe was "lifted" from America's Test Kitchen - The Secret To Perfect BBQ Chicken Thighs. I have modified their recipe somewhat, and the result was beyond my expectations. Thank you to America's Test Kitchen for the original recipe! This is designed for the grill!

6 large chicken thighs, bone in, skin on
(note: the last time I made this, I cooked 12 thighs and I had to triple the recipe. The thighs were pretty big. When in doubt, make a little extra!)

1/2 tblsp salt
1 tblsp light brown sugar
1 tblsp paprika
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp white pepper
3/4 tsp granulated garlic (garlic powder)

Mix rub ingredients together. Set aside 4 tsp of rub to be used later.
Wash chicken thoroughly in cold water, dry with paper towels, and rub in the rub mixture on all sides. Put the chicken in a plastic bag and put in the fridge for at least an hour.

(while chicken is marinating...)
Braising Sauce:
1/2 cup fruit juice (I used Dole's peach-orange-mango)
1/2 cup BBQ sauce
6 cloves sliced garlic
3 tblsp worchestershire sauce
2 tblsp hot sauce
2 cayenne or other flavorful hot peppers, sliced in half lengthwise
10 cherry tomatoes, quartered or crushed

Mix all of these ingredients together.

Set up your grill. (shown without top grate)

After chicken has finished marinating in the rub, at least an hour, place chicken in high cast walled iron pan or cast iron dutch oven skin side down, and pour the brasing sauce over the chicken. The chicken should be almost covered. If not, you can add more fruit juice. Simmer on your grill using indirect heat for 1/2 hour. Keep a check on this - simmer only - adjust position of the pan if necessary.

(while chicken is braising...)
2 tblsp apple jelly (microwave for 10 seconds or so to liquify)
2 tblsp BBQ sauce
1 tblsp light brown sugar
1 tblsp hot sauce
1 minced clove garlic

When chicken is finished being braised, remove the iron pan from the grill. If you want a smokey flavor added to the chicken, now is the time to add some damp cherry, hickory or other good smoking wood to your grill. Lightly oil the top grate of your grill.
arefully remove chicken from the pan and place on the indirect heat side of the grill, skin side up. Chicken may start to fall apart a bit so take your time, and make sure the skin is kept intact. Throw the braising liquid away.
Spoon and brush on half of the glaze mix to the top of the chicken. Sprinkle the 4 tsp of rub you previously set aside on top of the glazed chicken. Put the lid on the grill and cook for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, add the remainder of the glaze to the chicken. Cover the grill and cook an additional 25 minutes.

When chicken is done (internal temperature about 175°), carefully remove chicken from the grill and put onto a plate. Cover with foil and let it rest for about 10 minutes.


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