Crispy Almond Swai (get PDF)

   Swai is a fish that goes by several names, but I only know it as swai. It is a fish that lives off the coast of Vietnam, among other regeons, and is generally available at Asian markets for less than half the cost of what you are used to paying for fish at the supermarkets. For this reason, we regularly get maybe 6 filets at a time and divide them into meals. A swai filet are good sized, and one filet may feed two people.

  We have tried swai cooked several ways, none to our complete satisfaction. It is like whitefish, and needs some flavor help. Having taken out the fish to thaw, I was determined to take this passive fish to the next level.


swai (fish)
yellow corn meal
grated parmesan cheese
slivered almonds
Cajun seasoning

1. For this recipe I used two large filets. Thaw fish completely, and preferably at or near room temperature.

2. Pat filets well with paper towels to dry and absorb all excess moisture.

3. Prepare two large bowls - first - about a half cup of flour, second - 1 egg beaten with an equal portion of milk.

4. You can cut the filets in half as I did to make for easier handling. Lightly powder with flour, rubbing the flour into the fish. If the fish have been properly dried, you will get silky smooth filets.

5. After the fish have been floured, you probably have a little bit of flour in the bowl. If you have dried the fish properly, this flour should still be pretty dry. To this bowl add equal parts (I used 1/3 cup for each) of grated parmesan cheese, yellow corn meal, and almond crumbs I processed in my Magic Bullet from almond slivers (put some almond crumbs aside for the topping after cooking) . Add allspice, Cajun seasoning, and paprika. I normally do not measure anything, so use your own discretion for quantities. Mix well.

6. Briefly dip the floured filets into the egg / milk mixture, and then into the dry mix. Make sure the new coating is uniform and covers all areas.

7. You may then proceed to cook the fish in the way that you normally do. I cooked them on a flat cast iron griddle (lightly oiled) on the stove top. Depending on the thickness of your filets, cook approximately 4 minutes per side, until fish is golden brown and the fish flakes with a fork.

8. Remove fish from griddle (or pan) and place on a plate lined with paper towels. Sprinkle the fish with almond slivers and any remaining almond crumbs you may have left over, and serve.