The Boggle Board

     The Boggle Board is a game board that is almost identical to the Boggle Board that ran on the Bullwinkle's Corner BBS for about 5 years. This game is written in Javascript. Click here if this game does not work for you.
     You will be presented with questions having to do with logic, reasoning, and common (?) sense. Read the question carefully, and then enter the correct answer.

* If you answer correctly, you get to go onto the next question and earn one correct point.
* If you answer incorrectly, you will be asked the same question again and you will earn one incorrect point.
* You cannot go on to the next question until you answer the current question correctly unless you click the skip button.
* The skip button will allow you to go on to the next question, but it will cost you three incorrect points!
* Boggle will keep track of the percentage answered correctly which will be displayed in the percent box.
* You may play Boggle as many times as you want, but each time you play, you have to start at the first question again. (you might want to keep track of your correct answers!)
* To enter the winner's circle, you must play to the very end, and have a correct percentage of at least 75. Boggle takes quite a bit of time to do this, so decide to undertake Boggle when you have lots of time.
* Even if you don't play to the very end, (not a member of the winner's circle) you can stop anywhere in the game and have your score posted by simply clicking the post button. This is like putting your name up in an arcade for others to beat. If you finish the game with less than 75%, you will not get a chance to post your score! If you have a chance of getting under 75% and you are near the end of the game, you must decide whether to take a chance of entering the winner's circle, or posting your current score! Once you elect to post your score, your game is over!
*  IF you do play to the end and have a percentage of at least 75, your desired screen name will be posted and you will become a member of the winner's circle. Don't expect too many people in the circle! In the 5 years Boggle was played (obsessively by some players) there has been very few members!
* Any special instructions for a specific question will appear in the special instructions box. The actual question appears in the question box. If a question refers to specific word or phrase, it will appear in the specific box. Enter your answer in the your answer box. After entering your answer, click the submit button.
* Because it is nearly impossible for me to test this entire game, please report any problems using the link at the bottom of this page.


     Click here if this game does not work properly for you.


Play Boggle!
use lower case for ALL answers or it will be WRONG!
when typing in numerical answers, just use the number
(for example: if the answer is 26 years, just type in 26)

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Boggle Scorecard
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