Jagged releases their first CD

   The musical band Jagged (Jon Blessington, Chris DiLeo, Justin Clarke, Mark Matarese, and George Celona) have released their first full length album. This CD represents the result of six months of writing and recording.

   This CD is available only through the band members. It contains all original material and is in limited supply. Unfortunately, this will probably be the only CD by this band to be released as the members have gone to persue other projects.

   Factory produced CDs (with front and back covers and jewel case) are $12.00.

  For more information regarding purchasing this CD, please send your e-mail request to Rediware

  See the Intro Video

  See the full length On Empty Video  

  Sample CD track edited clips: 

Simple Life   Corrupted
Better Off   Try Harder
On Empty   No Time
Thoughtless   The Shaftway
Top Deck    Cloud


the cover

the credits

the CD