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    This page will attempt to support some program routines as either demos, or as samples that you can use in your own programs. This area will grow slowly as I find, develop, or extract various routines that I think may be either useful, or just plain fun. Stop back now and then to see what's been added.

     Click the link (if an active link exists) to try it out. Download the entire routine and support files by clicking the next to the link below, if it exists. When unzipping, make sure the "use folder names" checkbox is checked in WinZip.

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Visual Basic

 VB6: record a wave file using the Windows API and mciSendString, and get it to play correctly with all media players including Windows Media Players. click here

     The actual shortcut functions were gleaned from a VB internet site. The functions have been modified to allow a simple checkbox to call the procedures instead of writing code to produce the results. The Sub Shortcut procedure as well as the procedures contained in frmTestShortcut were written by Rediware Software. Create or remove a shortcut to your startup folder with the click of a checkbox. This application is a sample and shows the process at work. This describes how to easily incorporate this function into your own VB code. I have written the code so that it will work with Windows 95 and Windows 98.
      To use this shortcut add/remove procedure in your own application:

1. Add the module modShortcut to your application
2. Create a checkbox on your applications's form
3. Copy the checkbox's click event in this application to your checkbox's click event
4. Change the name 'ckShortcut' to your checkbox's name or name your checkbox ckShortcut
5. That's all there is to it!
      I have added an additional procedure (in the frmTestShortcut code) to test for a shortcut, and check or uncheck the checkbox accordingly.
1. copy the procedure TestForShortcut into your own application
2. change the name 'ckShortcut' to your checkbox's name or name your checkbox ckShortcut
3. put the following line of code in your Load event: Call TestForShortcut
4. that's it.
      When your form loads, your checkbox will contain a check if the shortcut exists, and will be empty if it doesn't. Your user can put the shortcut in his startup folder, or remove it simply by clicking the checkbox. Note: if you are running this from Visual Studio (the .vbp file) and not the compiled program (an .exe file) a shortcut will still be created, but will point to a non-existant .exe file. If the .exe file doesn't actually exist, the shortcut that points to it won't actually function. Any questions, problems, remarks, thanks, criticism, bugs, etc: E-mail me (bottom of this page)

Java Scripts

   the Pacman script 

 tutorial: insert a 'page last modified' date stamp on your page 



   Tic Tac Toe applet

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