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   This page contains a preview and documentation for all applications contained on Rediware Software's CD volume 1a. If you would like to purchase this CD, use this order form link to view and printout on your printer. The cost of this CD is only $20 and includes shipping. The items labeled "download now" are free for immediate downloading.  

     The CD you will receive will be auto-loading (if you have auto-load turned on). If not, simply run a file called startme.exe on the CD. You will be presented with the MIEH application from which you may install any of the software that is on the CD.

The MIEH application (multi install/execute hub) lists all of the available applications and allows you to install any of them with the click of a button. You may also view the documentation for any of the applications by simply clicking the 'D' button next to the application's name. A brief description of each application also appears.





Rediware Software CD volume 1a contains the following software. To view the software's documentation, click the screenshot. To download items available for free, click the "download now" icon.

Shoplist version 1.0.0 released 10/2004 (trial version available free, now)

Enter your shopping list into Shoplist, print it out, and you will be able to go to the store with your list catagorized by store isles. Shoplist learns as you use it, remembering new items and where they are in the store. You can create multiple lists for different stores and products. Shoplist's versatility makes entering your list easy, with several methods to locate the items you want. This trial copy does not expire and has no nags. It limits the number of items you can enter for each list.Registration is only $10 and will remove those limits.
Shoplist cuts my own shopping time in half.



Files2Folders 2.0.0 (available free, now)

Here's another one of those specialty applications that you may or may not have use for. It was written to facilitate organization of sound files during automated broadcasting. The concept is simple.
   F2F takes a series of files that reside in the 'root folder', renames them all with the same name if desired, and puts each file in a separate folder or puts a specified number of files in each folder whos name is consecutively numbered. This is done so that automation programs do not have to be reprogrammed for different names for short spots, but can be left to keep the same file name in the programming. All that needs to be done is to replace the files at given times with the new ones in the appropriate folder.
   This program is enhanced with Rediware's Renamer. Between the two programs, systematically renaming and grouping files is much easier.
   Warning: Files2Folders renames, moves, duplicates, and erases files on your computer. DO NOT use Files2Folders on files or folders that are necessary for your computer to operate. Always create a new folder and your own files for Files2Folders to operate on. Rediware Software and the author are not responsible for any system corruption you experience because of F2F misuse or misunderstanding. Understand the purpose and methods of F2F before using.

AutoSys version 4.0.0 (available free, now)

Version 4 released 10.25.2003
   This automation system (autosys) software is specialized software custom designed to perform a specific job. For this software to be of special use, you can design hardware to accompany this software.
This software will be of little use (except for curiosity) to most people. It will be a valuable tool to those hobbyists who desire to incorporate their computer into their hobby in a very unique way.
The main purpose of this software is to be able to automate your computer software using a custom designed switching network that provides signals into the computer using the gameport input. This is then interpreted into mouse instructions, enabling automation of your software.
Version 2.0.0 has the addition of the "auto mode" which brings automation into it's truest form. Version 1 relied on inputs from the joystick port to automate sequences. Version 2 has the option of using joystick inputs for switch-activated automation or automating by time passed, loss or gain of an internet connection, or a single mouseclick. This means that AutoSys can now be used without joystick input signals if preferred. Version 3 has manual inputs to input times of day, with instructions to run different codes at different times. Version 4 completes the automation circle by adding simulated keyboard input. Many other upgrades and improvements. Note that version 4 will not read previous saved file versions.

CD Store (available only with CD purchase)

If you are an avid computer user and have a CD read and write drive, you probably end up collecting a lot of software, as well as using your CDs to back up software that has been installed on your computer system. One CD is fine, but after that it becomes a bit difficult to keep track of, or even find that software item you are looking for. This CD Storage Index Utility (CDStore) attempts to remedy the situation. CDStore lets you keep track of all your files on CD, has comprehensive search features, and even lets you comment any or all files for future reference.
CDStore can be used to store and index files from any drive. Therefore, you can index files from your A drive up to your Z drive. A CD read and write drive is not necessary to use this utility.


CookieWiz (available only with CD purchase)

Rediware Software's Cookie Wiz is by no means the ultimate cookie utility. There are many others out there, including utilities that are cumbersome to use, incomplete, mediocre, promising, excellent, and super. Most of the cookie utilities I have found are at the low end but free, or at the top end but not free. Cookie Wiz attempts to be a little better than most free cookie utilities, and is included on this CD.




Mortcalc mortgage calculator (available free, now)

Enter a range of home costs, a range of interest rates, a range of terms, the increment you wish used within these ranges, an estimated amount for taxes and insurance, and you will be able to calculate and print out all the variations within these ranges of an estimated mortgage payment. Good tool to have when looking at houses to buy.





Music Program Timer (available free, now)

MPT is a music timer program. It's purpose is twofold: To automatically calculate total times of individual song times, and as a countdown timer for recording those songs. Includes some special features to make it easy.





Music Catalog (available only with CD purchase)

Music Catalog is a database to keep track of and analyze all of your music CD's, records, cassettes, 8-tracks(?)). Music Catalog is extremely versatile and is designed to be easy to use. As you get more familiar with MC, you will doscover it's powerful search, extract, contrast and compare, and printing features. If you want to keep track of your collection, you'll want to use MC.




OneDay (available free, now) 2989 kb

OneDay is a program that is designed to display a different saying, motto, slogan, or thought for the day each time your computer is powered up. The default messages are geared towards Al-Anon and AA programs, but may be easily modified for any theme. This is self-extracting and self-installing.




E-mail Parser (available free, now)

Rediware Software's E-mail Parser is an instant tool you will want to use when forwarding e-mail, but the e-mail is loaded with other people's addresses and ">"s. E-mail Parser does a pretty good job of reformatting the text to extract the mail message itself. EP's simplicity is what makes it worth using. Because it sits on your quick-launch bar, one click activates the program, it does it's thing, and closes automatically. For details, click the screenshot.





Redibook new for 2003! version 2.2.0 (available only with CD purchase)

REDIBOOK was written because, even though there are dozens of good 'phonebook' software, they all have different features, some of which I like, and some which I don't care for. The one that I have that I like the best is a program that is unstable, and I have been told by the software company that they will not even support it. This led to the conception and development of REDIBOOK. Everybody has different needs when it comes to an 'address book' and this may or may not fill yours. It is not a full-fledged organizer, but a comprehensive database for the purpose of storing names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, personal web sites, and family data including family member names and birthdays. The phone number area includes a built in dialer, and your e-mail and web applications are automatically activated by clicking. Redibook has the ability to sort, organize, and create custom mailing lists, which can then be processed by printing lists, envelopes, labels, etc. Think of the time it'll save at Christmas!

Redisaver screensaver (available free, now)

Redisaver (screensaver) is provided by Rediware Software and Services. It is our way of saying "THANKS!" and is one way we can show you that we do appreciate your business.





Renamer 3.0 (the trial version of this software is available free, now)

Renamer was designed to rename multiple files at one time. Files are normally renamed by selecting the file, right-clicking it, selecting 'rename' from the popup menu, highlighting the portion of the name you wish to change, and typing in the new portion. This is OK for one or two files, but if you have to rename many files, it can become quite tedious. Load a set of files (filenames - maximum 500 at a time or 2000 at a time depending on method) into Renamer. Enter a set of instructions that will change the names of the files. (up to 9 instructions) Process the files and view the results. If they are satisfactory, save (rename) the files. The trial version only allows 32 files to be renamed at one time and has the "folder at once" options are disabled. Registering is required for full functionality.


Super! NIM (the trial version of this software is available free, now)

A stratagy game that is not for the weak minded. Object of the game: The object of the game is to force your opponent to take the last token. Players take turns removing three or more tokens (depending on how the game is configured). The trial version available does not contain multiple configurations or sound.




Syscon (available only with CD purchase at this time)

Syscon lets you set prearranged times for your computer to shut down, exit a user, or reboot. Many people leave their computer on all the time. You may have tasks scheduled for certain times such as logging on to the internet to retrieve mail, maintenance tasks, etc. If you have a lot of these tasks scheduled during your "away" hours, your computer's memory ends up retaining a lot of pieces of information should you "need" them again. After awhile your computer will slow down and become less efficient. Syscon allows you to reboot your computer every 24 hours to refresh your system's resources automatically. You can also use syscon to set time limits for your children by setting the 'exit user' option.



SysTools (available only with CD purchase)

SysTools is a fully configurable utility that lets you put all of those hard-to-remember Windows utilities on one place. The versatility of SysTools lets you decide what you want to put in your tool box without being overly complicated. Now you can easily get a handle on your Windows tools. Configure DOS utilities with hard-to-remember parameters, run any application, open any file, activate any utility. SysTools has a capacity of 832 tool buttons!




The following utility is not included on the CD but is available seperately by request for $20.00.

If you want to be able to distribute your software with the Multi Install/Execute Hub, the setup side is available to you.Configure your applications into one easily accessible hub unit which your user can install your software from with one click. Click on the screenshot to see the documentation.



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special software pickup station:


Click on the icon of the software you wish to download. When the download dialog box appears, note where your download will be stored on your system in the dialog box. Change this if you wish.

Click the download button on the dialog box and wait until the download finishes. You can continue to browse the web while your download is taking palce.

When you log off the internet, locate your download with Windows Explorer. Doubleclick on the downloaded file. A dialog box will appear, asking where you wish to unzip the files. The default folder is Windows/Temp. Unless you know what you are doing, click the browse button and navigate to a folder familiar to you, such as My Documents. Then click the unzip button. Close the dialog box when finished.

If the file was not a self-installing file, with your Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder that has the unzipped files. You should find 3 files: setup.exe, SETUP.LST and "name-of-file".cab. (Will be called whatever the name of the file you downloaded with a .cab extention)
Doubleclick the setup.exe file. Accept all the defaults. Your new download will be installed.

If the file was a self-installing file (has an .exe ending instead of a .zip ending) simply follow the instructions on your screen

It is good practice to reboot your system before running a newly installed program.

You will find the shortcut to your new program by clicking Start/Programs/your new program (name).


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