Help for users of MIEH (end users)

To run this CD:

If your CD is setup to "autorun", this CD should start automatically.
If your CD does NOT start automatically, use Windows Explorer or My Computer to navagate to the CD. Doubleclick either STARTME.EXE or MIEH.EXE. (STARTME.EXE simply starts MIEH.EXE)
View the captions on the available buttons which are displayed in the Multi-Install/Execute Hub program. (MIEH)
Click the button(s) that match what you want to do.
Note that the "install" buttons in MIEH transfer control over to the installation for that program. MIEH does not install anything, but simply allow you to gain access to the programs that do.
If the button next to the application has the letter 'D' on it's face, this means that documentation is available for this application. lick the button next to the application for which you would like to view the documentation.

MIEH written and distributed by Rediware Software

attention distributors and developers
Rediware Software
Multi Install - Execute Hub Setup Utility

Multi Install - Execute Hub (MIEH) is available for developers and distributors of executable and installation software on CD. All rights to MIEH remain with Rediware Software and Rediware Software retains the sole right to distribute this software.

If you like how the Hub works on this distribution CD, you will be happy to know that you can own the Hub too. Read on....

MIEH is designed to be a central hub on a distribution or installation CD to be initialized with the autorun function. MIEH will allow you to execute or install up to 20 different pieces of software from the CD. Note that the software being executed or installed must be self contained. This means that MIEH does not install any software or execute any software. MIEH simply allows you to list the choices available and to select from those choices. If the software listed does not execute without MIEH, or the installation software does not install without MIEH, it will not do so with MIEH!
If the file pointed to is not an executable file (exe) MIEH will attempt to open it with whatever is the default application. an html file will be opened with the default browser, a txt file will be opened with Notepad, etc. If your system does not have an application associated with the extention, the file will not be opened, and you will be notified by MIEH. You do not have to know what application is associated with the file. MIEH will do that for you. Any file that has an application associated with it will be opened.

MIEH conventions

MIEH does not check for previous installations of software or check to see if software selected for execution is already running. This is the user's responsibility, unless it has been specifically written into the software which is being activated.
MEIH does not write to the registry or alter your hard drive information in any way. MIEH is designed to run independently from a CD.
MIEH has two buttons on it. Minimize will minimize MIEH and place the retrieve icon on the taskbar. Quit ends MIEH.
MIEH has one check box on it. If the checkbox is checked, MIEH will automatically close after a selection (to execute or install) has been made. If the checkbox is left unchecked, MIEH will still be running after the selection has been made.
Any entry designated with n/a will be disabled to the user.
The MEIH CD is set up with 20 folders ready to receive your files. You may keep the folder names (set0 through set19) or you may rename them if you wish. Just make sure that the file menu.txt has the same folder name.
The MEIH CD is distributed on a read-only CD. To make changes you must copy all the data (and add your own) to your hard drive or a CDR-W CD for editing. You will then create your own distribution (CD-R) CD.

customize MIEH for your uses
step 1: creating an editable copy
Copy the ENTIRE contents of the MIEH CD to a CDR-RW. The following instructions apply to your copy, not to the original MIEH CD.

step 2: copy all your software onto the CD

step 3: create a configuration file
If you purchase MIEH you also receive the MIEHsetup utility. This utility easily configures MIEH to operate correctly with your software CD. A short set of easy instructions are included with the setup utility. Customizes MIEH for your specific CD.

step 4: add your own title to the top of MIEH

step 5: add your own logo picture to the center of MIEH

step 6: make the icon representing this distribution CD in Windows Explorer or My Computer your icon

step 7: test your CD

step 8: make copies of your CD for distribution

If you are interested in purchasing Multi Install-Execute Hub and the MIEHsetup utility from Rediware Software, email me at The cost is only $20.00 and this includes CD and postage. The MEIHsetup utility includes detailed instructions for creating your own distribution CD.