MPT (music program timer) version 1.0

Rediware Software



MPT is fairly simple and easy to use. I have decided to include this small doc sheet to fill in any gaps that exist in the operation of MPT.

MPT is a music timer program. It's purpose is twofold: To automatically calculate total times of individual song times, and as a countdown timer for recording those songs.

MPT handles 4 "sides", which means that you can calculate 4 separate lists. The "yellow bar indicator" designates which "side" is the active side. Be sure to move the indicator to the desired side for all operations.

1. Click the "Select side" button to move the "yellow bar indicator" to the desired side.

2. The cursor will be at the top textbox of the designated side.

3. Begin entering your song lengths in minutes and seconds. Do not use the colon (:) to enter times. MPT will do that for you. Use the TAB key to move to the next box. Enter times like this:

enter 2:32 as 232, :10 as 10, 4:06 as 406, etc. Remember to include the zero for single-digit seconds. Enter 4 minutes and six seconds as 406, not 46. That would mean 46 seconds to MPT. For JUST single-digit seconds (no minutes) you can just enter the digit (4 for 4 seconds).

4. When you are done entering in times for a side, click the "Calculate" button. If you have any times that MPT thinks are defective (seconds over 59) you will be notified and the cursor will appear on the defective entry. You must delete (or highlight) the entry before re-entering it. Then click "Calculate" again. Any change you make to a time will force you to click "Calculate" again. The "Activate" button will not become active and the total time for that side will be red until you do.

5. If all goes well, the "Activate" button will become active. The total time for that side will appear at the bottom, the background for the total time for that side will turn from red to green, and the total times for all calculated sides will also appear. (bottom right)

6. Repeat steps 1-5 for all sides desired. If you change a time in any field, remember to recalculate that column. The "Calculate" button will only calculate the side under the "yellow bar indicator"! You can tell if a side needs to be recalculated: The "Activate" button will not be active, and the background for the total time for that side will be red.

You can also:

-> Click "Zero side" to clear an entire side column. The "yellow bar indicator" decides which side is to be cleared.

-> Click "Blank sheet" to chear the entire sheet. The "yellow bar indicator" position does not matter.

7. When ready, move the "yellow bar indicator" to the desired side. Click the "Calculate" button (if the "Activate button is grayed out and the total time for that side is not green). Then click the "Activate" button. This will begin the countdown timers. The countdown displays will indicate how much time is left for the recording. Be sure to start your recording when you click the "Activate" button. The countdown timers time the side selected only, not the total of all sides.

-> The Countdown displays:

"SIDE" display: total time remaining for the entire side in progress

"SONG" display: total time remaining for the song in progress

"REMAIN" display: songs left to record including the song in progress

-> One Additional display - the TRACKGAP display:

Below the countdown displays is a field called "TRACKGAP." You can use this if you wish, or leave it as it is (at zero). You can get your countdown a little more precise if you enter a number (from 0 to 9) in this field. (You must delete the existing number before another can be entered) This number represents the approximate seconds of silent space inbetween your tracks. If you have approximately (on average) 3 seconds of silence inbetween songs you are recording, enter a 3 in the "TRACKGAP" field. This 3 seconds will be added to the times for each song (except for the last song). This number can be entered before or after clicking "Calculate". Both will be effective. You can even change this number while songs are being timed. Whatever is in the "TRACKGAP box when the next song starts being timed will be the gaptime. (except for the last song, which has no gap)

-> The "SIDE" countdown display will turn from green to red when the last 2 minutes are being counted down. The "SONG" display will turn red during the last minute of a song. The "REMAIN" display will turn red when the last song is remaining.

You can also:

-> Click the "Pause" button to pause the timer.

-> Click the "Resume" button to continue a paused count.

-> Click the "End" button to completely abort the countdown.

8. When finished with MPT, click the "Quit" button.

-> If you minimize MPT during operation, the countdown will be on the icon on your taskbar so that you can still keep an eye on the time remaining. (T=total time, S=song time, (x)=songs remaining)

MPT is a free program and can be freely distributed as long as all components are intact and unaltered, including this document.

Rediware Software will still retain the rights to this software in the way of authorship and authorization to modify MPT. Do not distribute this software modified in any way, unless the modification was done by Rediware Software.

Rediware Software nor the author are responsible in any way for any problems or difficulties you may experience installing or using MPT.