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note: nim.txt is provided for those of you who do not have Microsoft's HH.exe installed on their computer. HH.exe is available free from Microsoft on the internet. It allows you to view the newer 'chm' style help files. If you cannot access the chm help file from the nim game, you need to download Hhupd.exe from Microsoft.

The file here is the same as the chm file, except for the format.

Nim is an ancient Chinese game that has had many interpretations over the years. It has truely come along way from playing with stones to playing on a computer.

When Nim loads, choose from the following options:

Computer brain:
Click the Computer brain button to select "smart" or "stupid". This will decide how much of an advantage Nim will give you.

Who goes first:
Click the Who goes first button to decide who will go first, you or the computer. If you select the Two player option, this selection does not matter.

Maximum Pick:
Click the Maximum pick button to cycle through the numbers 3 through 10. This number will decide the maximum number of tokens you and the computer can take at one time for each turn. Each time you click this button, the textbox that shows the total number of tokens to play with will change to the minimum number of total tokens allowed. You can increase this number (up to 90) if you'd like, but wait until you have decided on your Maximum Pick number first, because the token number will change.

Click the Players button to select 1 player (you against the computer) or 2 players (you against someone else)

Number of tokens:
In the textbox next to the "Start new game" button, Nim starts out with the number showing in Maximum Pick X 8.. You can change this by deleting the current number or highlighting the number (hold your mouse button down while sweeping over the number) and then entering the number of tokens you wish to start with. The maximum number of tokens is 90. The minimum number of tokens depends on the Maximum Pick number. (Maximum pick X 8). Don't worry - Nim will help you with this starting number if it doesn't meet it's criteria.

Start the game:
When all your options have been selected, click the Start new game button.

Rules of play:
You and either the other player or the computer take turns removing tokens from the board by clicking the numbered buttons (numbered 1 to 10).

Object of the game:
The object of the game is to force your opponent to take the last token. For example, if the maximum pick is set to 4, and it is your turn, and there are 4 tokens left, you would click the 3 button to remove 3 tokens. That would leave 1 token remaining, which would have to be taken by your opponent.

There is a strategy involved in winning the game of Nim. This strategy cannot be revealed as it is part of the game. The first to figure out the strategy will ALWAYS beat his opponent, as long as the opponent doesn't know the strategy. To learn the strategy, study the computer's moves.

Other buttons:

Stop play
At any time during a game you may stop play by pressing the Stop play button. This will enable the controls that allow you to select other options..

The Quit button is always active, incase you get so frustrated that you can't stand it anymore.

colored tokens:

Nim will select a set of tokens (from the collection at the bottom of the page) at random each time it starts up. You can change the appearance of the tokens in play by simply clicking one of the token representations at the bottom of the game window.

status boxes:
There are 3 status boxes on the board. 'You took' will display how many tokens you took last. 'I Took' will display how many tokens the computer took last. 'Tokens left' displays the amount of tokens remaining on the board.

This particular computer version of NIM was written and released by Rediware Software. This program may be freely distrubuted as long as it is transferred in it's original version and all credits and files accompany the copy.

Rediware Software makes no warranties as to the use, installation of uninstallation of this software.

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