The Game of NIM
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click who goes first:     NIM:       YOU:                                           NIM took tokens
 click how many tokens to take:  one       two       three   remaining tokens:     YOU took tokens


     instructions for the game of NIM

      Nim is an ancient Chinese game that has had many interpretations over the years. It has truely come along way from playing with stones to playing on a computer.

      Options: When Nim loads, choose from the following options:
      Who goes first: Click the option for who goes first, NIM or YOU.
      After you pick who goes first, the game starts.

      Rules of play:YOU and NIM take turns taking tokens off the board. You may take 1, 2, or 3 tokens at a time, by clicking the one, two, or three option button.
      Object of the game: The object of the game is to force your opponent to take the last token. For example, if it is your turn, and there are 4 tokens left, you would click the 3 button to remove 3 tokens. That would leave 1 token remaining, which would have to be taken by NIM. Who ever takes the last token loses!
      Strategy: There is a strategy involved in winning the game of Nim. This strategy cannot be revealed as it is part of the game. The first to figure out the strategy can ALWAYS beat his opponent, as long as the opponent doesn't know the strategy too. In this game of NIM, you will almost always have a chance to beat NIM because NIM was programmed to give you a window of opportunity to win.
      There are 3 status boxes on the board. 'YOU took' will display how many tokens you took last. 'NIM Took' will display how many tokens NIM took last. 'remaining tokens' displays the amount of tokens remaining on the board after each turn.
     After the game is over: You may either click the 'close this window' button below to quit, or click 'reset game' to play again. Note that you can click 'reset game' at any time you wish to start again.


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    If you enjoy playing NIM, you can download the free version of NIM, or you can purchase the full-blown version on a CD along with other Rediware applications. See a full description on our 'downloads' page.

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