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     This game consists of 20 sets of number sequences. Each set will display the first series of numbers in the sequence in the "working sequence" box. Try to figure out how the sequence works, and then type in the next number in the sequence in the "enter your answer here" box. Click the "submit this answer" button to submit the number.
      If the number you entered is correct, you will be told that it is correct in the "immediate instruction" box. You must then type in the next number in the sequence. You must type in two correct numbers in a row to move on to the next sequence.
     If the number you typed is incorrect, you will be told it is incorrect in the "immediate instruction" box. You will also be given the correct number, and be asked to try again with the next number.
     In either case, (correct or incorrect) the actual correct number will be added to the existing sequence, and will appear in the "working sequence" box.
     You may skip any sequence you wish by clicking the "skip" button.
     Scoring (which appears in the "score" box is as follows:
     1st number correct = 2 points
     2nd number in a row correct = 3 points
     finish all twenty sequences = 20 points
     skip a sequence = -4 points
     enter a wrong number for the sequence = -2 points

     Playing with the keyboard only: The game is set up so that the cursor will be in the entry box for each round. You may enter your answer, press the TAB key (which will shift the focus to the "submit this answer" button) and then press enter. In this way you do not need to use the mouse.


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