The Transport Game
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How many bluemen go?:  zero       one       two
 How many redmen go?:    zero       one       two

     instructions for the Transport Game

     There are 3 bluemen and 3 redmen on planet X. They all need to get to planet Y via the transport machine, which instantaneously transports them. At least one creature must go into the transport to operate it. However, the transport cannot hold any more than two creatures.
     To make matters worse, the redmen are carnivorous, and will devour the bluemen if they outnumber the bluemen on either planet.
     Your job is to get all of the redmen and bluemen from planet X to planet Y safely. The transport travels back and forth, so remember to see which direction the transport is facing before deciding who will go onboard.
     For each move, click the 'zero', 'one' or 'two' option button for the number men of that color to board the transport, and then click the 'move the men' button.
     Press the 'reset game' button anytime to start a new game. After losing, press the 'reset game' button to try again.


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    Transport Scorecard
(Transport winners)

player's name
justin (backsnappa) clarke
KT THE KAT Bridgins
Justin Clarke 2/9/11
Andres 6/28/13