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   Bullwinkle's Corner BBS (bulletin board system) was run from Philadelphia from 1983 until 1993. It was the last running TI BBS in Philadelphia when it was shut down. This page documents
   Bullwinkle's Corner was created and run by Bill Blew (hardware) and Steve Clarke (software). Many other people in the TI community also contributed to the Corner in many ways.
   This page will contain many remnants of the Corner when it is completed, including pictures and code. It is hoped that the many people who were regular users of BC may find this page and remember the good old days!

   What is a BBS? A bulletin board system was the precursor to the internet. A user would call with their home computer and a modem, much like today. Instead of connecting to a server, the connection would be directly connected to the BBS, which was run on a dedicated computer. Software could be uploaded and downloaded, messages could be read and written, games could be played, and articles could be read. The main limitation of a BBS is that it could handle only one caller at a time. Messages (now called e-mail) could be written to a specific person, but that person would have to log into the BBS to retrieve  the message. They could respond if desired, and the response would be picked up and read when the originator logged in again. 

   Bullwinkle's Corner ran for 10 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on a TI99/4A computer. The main console (computer) was replaced once! The rest of the hardware (except for disk drives) were used for the entire 10 years without failure! This attests to the quality of the TI computer system.

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