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Concerts and Memorabilia (in Music) (4/1/2019)
Korean Twice Fried Chicken Wings (in Food) (3/10/19)
the Big Tree in Photog (must see!) (2/3/19)
New recipes: Smashed Potatoes, Sous Vide beef, Mango Chicken (in Food) (2/1/19)
New original recipe - Steve's Rice 'n' Beans (in Food) (12/22/18)
"The Caravans Are Coming!" - "we can stop all of this madness" Prism Blog (10/30/18)
listen while you browse (8/29/18)
Steve's Pasta Combo recipe added to the Food! section (8/10/18)
new Prism Blog section (7/20/18)

new page - Prism graphics - snowflakes keep out! (5/29/2018)            .
newly revamped Milkweed to Monarch presentation in Photography (6/7/18)
 link of the month: Sterograms - unique illusions
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the occasional photo


the occasional photo



tales of a Southwest Phila childhood

 tales of a Southwest Phila childhood
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